The cornerstone of Gsphere’s Asset Allocation Software lies in our breakthrough discoveries in the science of portfolio diversification. Use our patented diversification visualization and measurement technologies to diagnose any portfolio properly.

This powerful portfolio analysis will give you a new perspective and help you better serve investors.

Free Investment Tracking Software
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Free Investment Tracking Software
Free Investment Tracking Software
Free Investment Analysis Tool
Free Stock Performance Analysis
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Optimize your portfolio

Diversification Optimization creates Diversification Weighted® portfolios. Our rules-based optimization engine allows any portfolio to be backtested, optimized, and automated. This portfolio rules engine is sophisticated and powerful. As a result, it is favored by investment professionals who care about the investment strategies they recommend.

The time has passed when investment fiduciaries may be blind to their portfolios’ diversification.
Gsphere provides the tools for serious investors. Our visualizations will leave an indelible impression in the minds of your clients and prospects, giving you a significant advantage in competitive opportunities.

The Enabling I.P and Technology Stack

Portfolio Backtesting Efficiency

Recommendation Engine

  • Generative A.I. Contextual Recommendations
  • Custom Priced and Revenue Sharing
  • Push or Pull, API or GUI

Strategy Automation

  • Flexible Use Cases & Programmable IPS
  • Any Strategies or Asset Types
  • Rules-Based Self Driving Money

Portfolio Backtesting

  • Validation / Objectivity / Compliance
  • Comparisons & Proposals
  • Analytics & Diagnostics


  • Rules Engine, aka. The Policy Tree
  • Full Lifecycle Portfolio Management
  • High-End Workflows, Overlays

Science of Diversification

  • Patented Measurement
  • Patented Visualization
  • Patented Optimization

Inventors of the 3D Portfolio Visualization

Portfolio Diversification is not eggs and baskets or vague flimflammery.  It is a definitive science – and one the most predictable measures for portfolio analysis…but is it important?   Find out here

Hybrid RoboAdvisor

Let's meet and you can configure the digital advice platform to take you to the next level, in weeks not months.

Institutional Portfolio Analytics

Powerful portfolio analysis cuts through the clutter and answers the questions: Is this portfolio good enough? Is this Portfolio Strategy better than what I had before?

Programmable Investment Policy Statements

An Investment Policy Statement serves your investors by enabling them to design the portfolio they want, we optimize, backtest and automate and trade it for you - at whatever broker you choose -


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Our Mission

“Gravity’s mission is to Bring Life to Diversification: with our pioneering work in the science of diversification, we empower the industry’s knowledge and application of True Diversification. We execute our mission with custom systematic portfolio strategies delivered through our automated digital advice platform.
Our platform, constantly evolving and improving, is the ultimate performing digital advice platform; trusted throughout the industry for our leadership, integrity, service, and commitment to investor success.”

James Damschroder, Founder and CEO
James Damschroder - Headshot
Free Stock Performance Analysis



Founded Gravity Investments based on chasing to ground the inspirational question, “ What if you put a third dimension on the Efficient frontier?”


First release of Gsphere, desktop portfolio optimization software


Patent issued for Creating a Visual Representation of a Portfolio


Launched Gravity Capital Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor to sub advise on client assets


Patent issued for Diversification measurement and analysis system


Launched first web and mobile versions


Automatic walk forward Backtest


Gravity Investments LLC became Gravity Investments Inc


Launched a hybrid RoboAdvisor, one of if not the first such systems in the industry


Created the First Programmable Investment Policy Statement


Launched Portfolio ThinkTank for Individual Investors


Portfolio ThinkTank acquires Gravity Investments


Development of API and web services


Initial release of Recommendation Engine


Release of Machine Learning Prediction Systems

Free Stock Portfolio Analysis Tool
Free Portfolio Risk Analysis Tool

Why Partner with Gravity

Approximately $30 Billion has been professionally managed with our patented software as a service by our financial advisor and institutional wealth manager clientele using Gsphere Diversification Optimization™ portfolio technology. Our research-based Journal of Index, Legends of Indexing feature issue researched results generated over 400 basis points annually compared to the cap-weighted S&P 500.
Diversification Weighted® Strategies are systematic, quantitative, and replicable. Unlike other weighting approaches, we offer an inherent ability to work across all security instruments, asset classes, and investment strategies. Our patents and technologies for diversification measurement, visualization, search, and optimization are seminal and profound. Our holistic 3D portfolio visualizations (below) expose diversification deficiencies and drive demand for a balanced investment solution.
Free Portfolio Risk Analysis Tool
Free Stock Performance Analysis
Free Stock Performance Analysis
Free Investment Tracking Software
Free Portfolio Insight Tool
Free Portfolio Insight Tool
Free Investment Tracking Software
Free Financial Portfolio Analysis
Our Value Propositions
Free Investment Insight Tool

Win new business

Attract new investors with our easy to embed tools in your website.

Free Financial Analysis Tool

Compete and thrive in
any opportunity

Diagnose any portfolio & find hidden risks. Then build objective, verifiably diversified portfolios that better serve investors.

Free Stock Investment Evaluation Tool

Do right by your clients
and be a better fiduciary

Nurture loyal clients, facilitate referrals and manage your fiduciary liability.

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Expand and enterprise

Whenever you are ready, team with Gravity to implement automated and optimized portfolios: Your choice: Models or even custom tailored accounts.

Core Values

We strive to demonstrate our core values with every interaction. If you believe that your interaction fell short,
especially if it is me, please let me know– James Damschroder (@) gravityinvestments.com
Free Stock Performance Analysis
Free Portfolio Insight Tool
Free Investment Optimization Software
Free Portfolio Analysis Software
Free Stock Investment Evaluation Tool
Free Financial Analysis Tool
Free Investment Insight Tool
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